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Log in easily and securely using your identity card, your itsme application, or a security code sent by email.

Presentation of the platform

The patient platform is an intuitive and secure personalized online space, intended exclusively for the Europe Hospitals patients anywhere and at any time.

Access to this individual space allows you to consult your file 24/7.

You thus become an active participant in your health care by being involved in the process, from making an appointment to the results of consultations and medical examinations.

In concrete terms, your IBIS patient platform account allows you to see, among other things :

  • your laboratory results and reports
  • your medical imaging reports
  • your vital parameters
  • your vaccination data
  • your medical prescriptions
  • your upcoming appointments
  • your invoices

The portal also allows you to access various additional services such as consultation through videoconference and monitoring of chronic diseases (heart failure, diabetes, etc.).

You can access your personal and medical data in a secure way with your ID (e-ID) or ITSME. Your personal information and medical record remain secure and will only be made available to you and/or the persons to whom you give access to your account, under your responsibility.

How does it work?

In order to access your individual online space, you must first have a medical file at the Europe Hospitals.

If you are already a patient of the Europe Hospitals, you can log in with your ID (e-ID) or via the ITSME app.

When you log in the first time, you will be asked to verify your personal data and to complete your contact data (email and phone number if necessary). Then you will create your account. Your medical and administrative data will be progressively accessible. This step may take some time. After that, you will be able to navigate in your personal online space and consult your medical and administrative data or documents whenever you want.

Contact us for more information on the platform

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